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Article: Leap Year, Leap Style: Trend Forecasting with Leather Accessories

Leap Year, Leap Style: Trend Forecasting with Leather Accessories

Leap Year, Leap Style: Trend Forecasting with Leather Accessories

As we embrace the onset of another leap year, we contemplate the fleeting nature of time, which often seems to slip away from our grasp so rapidly. The additional day this month acts as an opportunity for us to pause, reflect and reassess our goals, aspirations and priorities. As we ponder on how we’re utilising our time and assess whether we’re maximising each moment to its fullest potential, for the retail industry, the leap year occurrence represents a unique opportunity for the fashion landscape to propel itself forward. Marking a renewal of vitality for timeless leather goods and endless pairing possibilities, this symbolic ‘leap’ in time presents an occasion to infuse creativity and innovation into personal style choices.

sub trend

ruby red

Entering the vibrant embrace of the brighter seasonal months it's unsurprising that a plethora of lively colours are at their peak, with red as the standout hue this year. Drawing from insights of fashion predecessors, we are expecting to see the rise of darker tones of reds, that encompass more earthy shades such as burgundy and oxblood alongside the traditional primary hues. As red stages its return, it's no surprise that the demand for red accessories is on the rise, injecting bursts of colour into our wardrobe.



Infuse your ensemble with a vibrant burst of colour by incorporating one of our red accessories or phone cases from our Metro Collection.



With a smooth finish, explore our poppy red range from airtags, apple watch straps to keyrings.

vintage tones

Tone it down with one of our sophisticated burgundy accents from our Vintage Collection.

sub trend

sustainability with leather

In an era where consumers are increasingly more conscious of their purchases, they are continuously seeking out brands that demonstrate a tangible commitment to the circular economy through utilising sustainable, durable materials and by upholding ethical production practices whilst maintaining smaller, transparent supply chains.

Striking this balance becomes even more challenging when considering the dynamic evolution of fashion trends and forecasts for the coming months in a reforming climate. At Snakehive, we try to offer a broad selection of colours that are timeless, with enough variation to capture upcoming trends without having to create short term product lines that depreciate as quickly as they grow. These choices not only reduce environmental impact, but also align with growing demand for conscious fashion.


We are committed to building and maintaining our corporate social
responsibility and streamlining our processes to maintain and improve our sustainable practice whilst extending our ‘almost perfect’ range to our American and European markets.



Leather accessories epitomise remarkable versatility, serving as sustainable investments when sourced responsibly. Effortlessly transitioning from casual to formal settings, making them essential additions to any wardrobe. By investing in high quality leather pieces that are designed to last, consumers can embrace a more sustainable approach to
fashion. As we anticipate upcoming trends, it’s clear that leather accessories will continue to play a pivotal role in both day-to-day wear and special occasions. Whether you’re dressing up a pair of jeans or adding the finishing touch to a tailored suit, leather accessories offer endless styling possibilities to any ensemble.

sub trend

all about the feel

As leather diversifies, newfound 3-dimensional textures emerge, no longer confined to the constraints of two dimensions leather embraces tactile nature in a way never seen before. With the advent of new technologies, artisans are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with leather, creating statement pieces that demand attention. As flat lengths of leather make their
way out of the limelight, the shift towards textured statements begins. Diverging from the ordinary, this leather variety captivates the ability to refract light as it shifts, making for an interesting finish.



Our exclusive metro collection showcases this concept beautifully, featuring a stunning array of accessories crafted using our newly introduced dappled leather. Available in an array of sophisticated colours.


For the keen-eyed amongst you, you may have noticed that we've introduced a new dappled leather colour in some of our latest case releases - Royal Purple. Needless to say, this hue embodies two of this year's trends. Take a look at us!

our belief

Regardless of how many leap years pass us by - there’s no doubt, leather doesn’t date.

final thoughts

Though trends come and go, we stick by our Leather as a timeless accessory that exudes unmatched elegance and durability. As we look towards the future, this leap year excuses bounding opportunities for self-improvement and 4 years from now where do we, as Snakehive want to be?