Color: Tan/Grey


Next time it’s your turn to pay the check, don’t pull out a wallet that’s seen better days. With more swagger than Jagger, our premium leather Bifold wallet is handcrafted using top-grain Vachetta leather. Treated using vegetable tanning, it develops a rich patina over time. It’s chrome and chemical-free, so environmentally friendly and highly durable. 

Designed to keep cards and cash safe, it has ten card slots for big spenders, two note slots, and RFID protection. Let your wallet reflect the way you live, because it’s what’s inside that counts.


We don’t mean to boast, but this Bifold wallet is a bit special:

  • With 7 card slots (with room for up to 10 cards) and 2 note slots, there’s no room for forgetting to pay the check.
  • If you like to carry cash, it comes with two full-length note pockets.
  • What’s the skinny? Our slimline Bifold wallet is only 3.5 inches H x 4.1 inches W.
  • Like an invisible bodyguard, it comes with RFID protection.
  • With pull tab access to a slot for secure card storage, you’re good to go.
  • A curved card slot gives you easy access to your most loved cards. Hey big spender!
  • Our top-grain Vachetta leather is carefully crafted using vegetable, chrome-free tanning. It's planet-friendly and packs a punch in durability.

Design & Materials

Designed in the UK

Everything we do begins with a brilliant design at Snakehive HQ in the UK. Some things just aren’t worth rushing, so we focus on quality accessories that age well. Our talented designers had a light bulb moment when contactless cards took off. They designed a Bifold wallet that is slimline in the back pocket and looks stylish. Lined with a smart geometric pattern, it’s stitched to stand the test of time.

Artisans of Accessories

Rejecting throwaway fast fashion, we are planet lovers and source top-grain Vachetta leather. We use a chrome and chemical-free tanning process using natural vegetable extracts. Treated in an environmentally friendly way, the leather becomes more durable and develops a warm patina with age.

Shipping & Delivery

We understand that your cash and cards need to stay snug and secure, so we offer free delivery on all orders over $25

Warranty & Returns

If you're the type to never part with cash, we hope you love your Bifold wallet. However, on rare occasions, we understand it might not work out.

We have a 30-day fuss-free returns policy if the product is returned in an unused, perfect condition within 30 days of sale.

We also have a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing faults.